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Counseling & Psychotherapy - Individual & Couples

General Overview

In my practice I work with adults in individual and couples therapy.

I know it can feel quite daunting starting therapy so I'd like to give

you a brief general overview of what happens if you work with me. You

can also read about my therapy approach here

After you set up an initial appointment I ask you to complete some

basic paperwork that will assist me in getting a general sense of your

concerns by providing me with some important current and historical information. I ask all new clients to arrive about 15 minutes before their first scheduled appointment to allow me to read your paperwork before meeting with you.

In our first appointment I will gather more in-depth information on some key areas, e.g., family/relationship history and experience, health history, mental health history, substance use, history of the concern(s) you are experiencing. It is very important to me that you are given the opportunity to share your experience fully and completely at a pace that works for you. Once we have identified your core concerns and what may be contributing to them, we will then discuss how to best approach their resolution. You can read more about the concerns I generally work with on the following pages: individual therapy and couples therapy.